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how it works

Thorpe & Peony offers a friendly and easy to use interior design service to help you transform your ideas into a beautiful, functional and unique reality. We believe interior design should be available to all and therefore offer an easy to use online service, as detailed below. 

Interior design

01 introductions

This is our chance to get to know you, your style and any ideas you may have for your project. We will send you a short questionnaire and if you have an ever growing Pinterest board, we would appreciate seeing a few images that summarise the style you are after. 

02 measurements

We will need photos of your room and key measurements to ensure the furniture we recommend will fit perfectly. If you have recenlty moved in and have a floorplan from the estate agent that would be great but don’t worry. we will talk you through the key measurements we need and a simple sketch will be fine. 

Framed Plant Drawing
interior design living room sofa_MMG

03 concept design

Using your measurements we will produce a floorplan and suggested furniture layout for you to review. We will also provide a design board to give you an idea of colours and style.

04 final report

Taking on any comments you have from step 03, we will send your final design. This will include floorplans, design boards and a suggested shopping list.

Interior Design
Interior Decor Plant

additional services

Professional property presentation is proven to achieve buyer appeal and sell or rent the property faster. Styling your property will enable buyers to see its full potential and make it stand out from the competition. In a similar process to the above, we prepare an online home staging report to help you celebrate your home's best features.

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